Nov 17, 2022

Polkadot is already available on the platform

We have added a BEP-20 DOT token to our cryptocurrency portfolio - the Polkadot project's own token.

Polkadot is no ordinary blockchain; it is an applied digital environment that organises the transfer of data between different blockchains. The project has the potential to connect disparate blockchains and become the foundation of the next generation web3 internet.

Polkadot is completely secure and allows virtually unlimited scalability of projects and the transfer of any type of data or assets. The project uses Nominated Proof of Ownership (NPoS) technology and has almost zero power consumption compared to traditional blockchains.

DOT tokens are liquid, traded on all major cryptocurrency exchanges and are convenient as settlement and investment instruments.

Now you can use prospective DOT tokens on the Advance Trading platform. Fund your DOT account without any commission. The withdrawal fee will be 0.002 DOT.