Nov 4, 2022

Dogecoin is already available on the platform

We continue to expand our cryptocurrency portfolio. Now you can conduct transactions with Dogecoin - a cryptocurrency, which is commonly referred to as "memcoin". The cryptocurrency got its name from a funny Internet meme Doge - a photo of a charismatic dog of the breed Shibo-inu. The creators have tried to position Dogecoin as a fun, friendly, close to people currency.

Despite its humorous name, the Dogecoin blockchain has quite serious characteristics.It is economical and fast - with a low fee, the block is created in just one minute.For comparison, the average time to create a Bitcoin block is 10 minutes.

Dogecoin owes its popularity largely to a lucky set of circumstances. The Internet community positively perceived the "joke and non-serious" currency, and Dogecoin began to be used as a means of payment and an investment tool.In many ways, its growth was stimulated by the support of the legendary Elon Musk.

Tesla introduced a special electric ATV, which can be purchased exclusively for Dogecoin. It is announced that Dogecoin can be paid for the services of Tesla, Starlink, Starship, SolarRoof. Musk has become a market maker, capable of influencing Dogecoin market quotes with one post. The last market rally of the "meme cryptocurrency" is associated with Musk's purchase of the social network Twitter - after closing the deal, the rate increased by about 160%.

Emission of Dogecoin is fixed at 10 thousand coins per block. By 2030, approximately 175 billion coins are expected to be in circulation at an annual inflation rate of 3%.

You can deposit your Doge account on the Advance Trading platform without any fees, the withdrawal fee is only 1 Doge.

Use the promising cryptocurrency Dogecoin backed by Elon Musk.