Oct 28, 2022

New strategy: Professional trading

We are pleased to present you a new strategy for high-yield cryptocurrency trading. Now you can get professional trading from Advance Trading.

This is the most traditional type of exchange work - professional traders trade investor's assets. You are entrusting your funds to the best specialists - Advance Trading's traders have years of experience, deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market and knowledge of all cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. All this guarantees high profitability and absolute safety of the strategy.

You can get the most complete information from the video presentation by Michael Vines - head of Professional Trading at Advance Trading Group.

Place a deposit on the platform and get high income. After placing a deposit, you will receive a profit of 0.75% to 2% every calendar day, depending on the selected investment plan. The term of the deposit is from 40 to 50 days, at the end of the deposit period, it is returned to your balance.

We have provided ample opportunities for partners, Participate in our affiliate program and get instant rewards up to 30%-6%-5%-4%-3%-2%-1% of partners' deposits, immediately after the activation of the deposit. The affiliate structure from the first level partners will be replenished immediately after the activation of deposit.

If you already have a deposit placed in the Algorithmic Trading Strategy, you can transfer it to the Professional Trading Strategy.To do this, go to the "Deposits" page and click on "Change strategy". The strategy will be changed instantly, you will not have to wait for the standard 8 hours provided for the return of the deposit. Your upline will be rewarded by the Professional trading strategy.