Oct 18, 2022

XRP is already available on the platform

We have added the possibility to use XRP, the internal cryptocurrency of the Ripple network, on the Advance Trading platform.

Now you can work with one of the most promising and most discussed cryptocurrencies. Ripple was originally developed as a tool for fast, secure and cost-effective financial settlements between banks. That's why Ripple's infrastructure is optimized for the fastest possible transactions - transfers between accounts are almost instantaneous.

Ripple does not require mining. It is a decentralized platform that uses a consensual transaction confirmation mechanism. Initially 100 billion XRPs were issued, today all XRPs are distributed to users.

Ripple, compared to bitcoin, is highly energy efficient, requiring minimal electricity to support the network. As a result, the transaction cost is significantly lower than that of competing cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

On the Advance Trading platform, there is no fees for depositing in XRP, the withdrawal fee will be 0.00002 XRP

Use the fast and secure XRP cryptocurrency.