Feb 24, 2023

New strategy: Cloud mining

Advance Trading continues to expand the functionality of the platform, providing users with new opportunities for business development. We opened a new promising direction - Cloud mining.

Mining is a basic element of the crypto business. Miners provide processing power to validate transactions and maintain the stability of the blockchain. For this service, miners receive remuneration - cryptocurrency.

Advance Trading offers to invest in a connection to our fleet of equipment. You don't need to incur the expense of purchasing equipment and paying electric bill. You are mining remotely. Deposit term - 365 days, a profit of 1.75% to 3% per day.

We have provided ample opportunities for partners, Participate in our affiliate program and get instant rewards up to 36%-7.2%-6%-4.8%-3.6%-2.4%-1.2% of partners' deposits, immediately after the activation of the deposit. The affiliate structure from the first level partners will be replenished immediately after the activation of deposit.

We invite you to invest in cloud mining - a safe and highly profitable investment strategy from Advance Trading.