Dec 19, 2022

TRON is already available on the platform

We are constantly expanding the portfolio of cryptocurrencies used on the platform. Now you can work with TRX - TRON cryptocurrency.

TRON is consistently among the top 20 cryptocurrencies with the highest capitalization. TRON was originally created as a blockchain platform for developers of entertaining decentralized content. In 2017, the ICO of the project was launched, which has become one of the largest. It was able to collect about 70 million dollars. TRON went to the ICO with TRX tokens based on Ethereum, in 2018 tokens converted to cryptocurrency on its own blockchain. TRON coins are used both as a means of payment and as an investment instrument. TRX is represented on all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Depositing and withdrawing TRX on the Advance Trading platform is commission-free. Use the promising cryptocurrency TRON.